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    I recently purchased a sony DCR-TRV250 and Adobe Premier, thus I am new to both. The problem I am having is with trying to capture the video from my Digital8 to Premier. I go to File, Capture, Motion Capture. I am not sure what settings to choose for my project or for the Movie Capture. I am using the USB connection from the DVCamera to my PC since I do not have a firewire cable or card. So far, looks like it's not allowing me to control my DV device and i went to the Adobe website and it doesn's show my model of their cam to be able to use device control. I could be way off base since i am totally new to this, if so please tell me. Thus how can i transfer what is on my Sony Handycam to my PC for editing in premier? Where can I find what settings i need for my project? Anything else of use i would most appreciate.


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    I'm afraid device control is only available through firewire.

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    That sucks, but probably only until I get a FireWire card and cable. Weird, with the ImageMixer that comes with my camera, i am able to control and capture my video, yet one problem... the audio isnt captured. There is audio since i can hear it when it's playing on the cam. I will try FireWire and hope it solves everything.

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