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    Hello all! I'm converting my family's home movies from VCR to DVD. I have a Toshiba unit which burns the VHS directly onto the DVD but I'm wanting to now rip the videos from the DVD to the hard drive so I can cut them up. I want to use whatever codec will give me good video/audio quality while at the same time cutting down on size (I can use MPEG2 but the files are huge and my hard drive doesn't have enough space to accomidate them all). Any advice or favorite codecs for my situation? Thanks!

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    At this time the best codec for size vs quality is H.264. That's why it's used by the vast majority of online services as well as the referred codec for Blu-ray.

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    Thanks! What would you recommend for the audio codec? Or does the H.264 standard take care of it all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thefulldarby View Post
    Thanks! What would you recommend for the audio codec? Or does the H.264 standard take care of it all?
    I would recommend not compressing the audio at all. Audio doesn't take as much space as video and it suffers badly from multiple compression/decompression passes. Keep it at 48k/16 bit. If you're going to do a lot of audio processing you might consider capturing it at 24 bit if it's an option, and then truncating/dithering it down to 16 bit as the last process applied.

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    I concur. Keep at 16bit 48Khz unless you really need the space, in which case you'll have to go to AAC. OTOH, if you're just making archive copies and you're not going to be doing lots of editing and recompilations and such (given the already poor VHS performance) then just go right to compressed audio too. Most people can't tell the different between 16bit 44.1Khz of CD and MP3 nowadays.

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