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Thread: Mirrors - Justin Timberlake Cover

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    Talking Mirrors - Justin Timberlake Cover


    We are 'BefoRe Sunday' and here is our 2nd video covering 'Mirrors' byJustin Timberlake!

    Take a look and please share your opinion about picture quality, lighting, editing etc!

    Thank you!

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    Not a bad job. One observation I made was with the editing. When you cut from a close up to a long shot with the same person in it try and match there position like you did at around 1:30 from the close up of the girl. I don't think I would have chosen such "clean" lighting. Did you only have floods ? I would have used more directional spots or flags to give more light and dark but if that's the look you wanted then you achieved it. For me the lighting at 2:11 is more interesting as the lighting is more from the side.

    You got a good variety of shots and captured the girls eyes beautifully.

    Over all a good job.

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    Good job

    the best shot was at 2:12 when you catch a moment between the band members

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    Thank you both for the useful comments!

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