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Thread: Anyone got a Sony FS700? Advice before buying

  1. Default Anyone got a Sony FS700? Advice before buying

    I was thinking of buying a Sony FS700, however I am not sure if it will be fully suitable, or maybe I am expecting different features from something that really wouldn't offer those features

    The main issue, which looking online seems to be true, although I am unable to confirm, is that there is no auto-zoom on the camera, the handle does in fact have the rocker button for the zoom as on things like the Z5 etc, but it doesn't actually do anything?

    If that is the case, is there a different lens that does offer this, and auto focus etc - I guess basically what I am asking, is can you use this camera in a basic way with many things on auto like my current Z5?

    I know to most filmmakers that will sounds like a stupid request, but half of what I film is motorsport, and you imagine trying to film a car racing along if you are having to manually adjust focus and zoom at the same time!

    Other than that, the image quality and DOF for the interviews etc would be ideal, and the slow motion in HD is another feature that will be well used, it really is just the zoom

    Anyone with one / used one that could shed some light?

    Many thanks

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    If you need a servo zoom most large sensor cameras would be the wrong choice. You would save yourself some headache and money if you went with something like a PMw-200 instead. - Filmproduktion und Videoproduktion in Graz und Wien

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