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Thread: Matching footage from different cameras

  1. Default Matching footage from different cameras

    Hi all,

    I am going to be filming a short where I may end using a Canon HV30 & a Panasonic GH2

    The Canon records HDV 1080-50i (1440x1080, 25.000 fps)

    The Panasonic records HD 1080-24p (1920x1080, 23.976 fps)

    How do I work with these different formats in Vegas??????

    Many thanks gang as usual!

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    I'm sure the Vegas people will chime in shortly, but generically what you want to do is create your project with the specs you want and your editor will adjust your footage accordingly

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    Midnight has more experience of mixed formats than me, but my understanding is that if you have mostly one sort of footage, set the project settings to match that. If you're fairly evenly balanced, the match the settings of your output (assuming one of the same as one of the sources).

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    Hi all, my concern is the that the frame rates are slightly different and one is interlaced and the other progressive also.

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    The old adage goes: "if in doubt, try it".

    If you need a particular output, set your NLE to that output type, so if you need 1080/25p set it to that, if you need 1080/29.97p set it to that. If you need interlaced, set it to that.

    Then drop your footage on the time line and see how it all works out with the NLE converting it. You may have some playback problems during editing (see below) but the final output should be reasonable.

    If in doubt try a short section of each, maybe 5 or 10 seconds max. That won't take too long to edit and export and then you'll know.

    If you're having playback problems due to real time frame rate conversions then transcode your different versions one at a time to the required output format and import that to your NLE. Don't forget to de-interlace if you're using interlaced footage and need progressive output.

    One of the biggest problems could be audio drift over long form shots (i.e. an hour continuous shot), but let's not get in to that unless it becomes an issue.

    BTW - why wouldn't you shoot the GH2 at 25p instead? That makes much more sense when matching to a 50i recorder. If you really want 23.976 afterwards then you can re-conform your 25p timeline to 23.976 after editing.
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  6. Default da man!

    My GH2 didnt have native 25p but funnily enough I got the updated firmware last night that does have it so I guess I'm sorted cheers!

    Still need my trusty HV30 for scenes with lots of movement, zooms etc!

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