A little back-story, so I'm a huge fan of The Amazing Race, and now in this era most shows (Including TAR) use HD camera equipment (Which I like of course) however, many people say once TAR converted to HD the show lost the magic it used to have back in the early seasons. And I will admit, the past few seasons have been lackluster (Especially seasons 22 and 24, they were the worst seasons ever) however, the current season (25) has been extremely exciting and fun, and I thought to myself "Gosh, I bet this season would fit right in with the old ones" and it hit me, why not see if it does?

So I want to record some clips of the current season and add some kind of effect to make it look like it was shot in the early 2000's. Is there any effect or way to make it look like that?

I basically want HD quality like this...

To look like this.

The entire reason for my madness is to prove that HD didn't ruin TAR, and that it still is like it was before.