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Thread: Editing timline has 5+ different cameras from a wedding

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    Default Editing timline has 5+ different cameras from a wedding

    Hey guys, i'm relatively new to all of this so need to pick your brains. I am more a basic filmmaker than editor but am helping a friend edit a wedding video i helped him shoot not long ago. He hired out a canon 5d Mark 3, Canon C100, Sony FS700, Canon XF 305 and we also used a gopro hero 3... i know... it was a lot of gear. Now its come to the scary part of editing this all together and im a little stuck... We are using Premiere pro cc..I know most of the footage will go on the timeline without i right?.. also.. we which is the best way to edit all this footage together? would it be a multicam? finally... how should we export, we want blu-ray and highest quality possible... but with all different cameras and different FPS is that an issue? thanks would definitely appreciate your help.

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    I've done lots of weddings like this and the only way to edit the ceremony and speeches is in multicam otherwise it will take you 10 times longer.

    For other parts, select the clips you want as you go.

    I'm not sure why you had all the cameras running as different frame rates, unless some were at double speed (good for slo-mo). They should all have been at either 25p or 50p. If you ran at anything else then you were just asking for trouble

    So, sync them all first. Lots of people rely on auto sync but syncing ceremony and speeches by hand can often be quicker. Don't forget to sync your audio at the same time if you used any external recorders.

    You're likely to find that the 5D3 looks soft next to the C100 and XF305 once you get it on screen and it may be easier to dumb down the C100 and XF305 by adding some gausian blur (tiny amount - maybe 0.25) prior to export if you plan on cutting between them.

    CC should be able to edit without converting provided you have a beefy computer and GPU. If not you may end up transcoding to something more editable (ProRes or DNxHD). Lower the playback resolution if needed.

    As far as exporting, I've always exported a master (high quality) file and then done the DVD / Blu-ray conversion from that. So export to ProRes if on a Mac or DNxHD on Windows then run that file through Media Encoder to get your MPEG2 for DVD or Blu-ray compliant H264 for Blu-ray. Once you have those files, bring them in to Encore to make the disc masters. If you export the sequence from Pr to Encore you have less control over the encoding process and it also runs slower.

    Don't forget to add your chapter markers in Premiere Pro before export or you'll be kicking yourself later because you'll have to add them manually in Encore and it's not as easy, since you'll be limited to what frames you can put them on (due to the long GOP encoding).

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