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Thread: Dual video recording interviews?

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    A friend and I are planning on doing some Youtube video talks together but we both live in very different parts of the world. We are trying to figure out a way of making our videos with both of us side by side in a TV interview manner but we have no idea how to do this. We have considered trying some Skype video recording software to record the videos, but I am not really pleased with the quality of the videos.

    If anyone has any suggestions of how to do this or at least ideas for a direction to go in I would be very grateful!

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    Default Dual video recording interviews?

    Consider doing it like news programmes where the newscaster in one studio interview someone in another. The interviewee is shown in a smaller screen usually over the presenters right shoulder (the technique is called Picture in Picture or PiP)
    You could add variety by reversing the two people, but keep their screen positions the same ( ie keep person A on the left, irrespective of who is in the smaller screen)

    An alternative is to film both in front of a green screen then key that out and superimpose over one background. However the lighting and cameras would have to be pretty much identical at both locations for this to look convincing.
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