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    Hey guys,
    I'am getting into amateur video editing for personal uses only, and in a couple of shows and videos I have seen this cool effect that I don't know the name. The last time I saw this was in the tv show "The Leftover's", specifically in it's intro: (look for the strange zooming/moving effect of the figures from the start to the end of the video)
    Any name of the effect, or can it be done with Sony Vegas would be greatly appreciated!

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    i have never seen that effect in Sony Vegas..maybe its something more profetional..

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    Sorry, that is not a one click effect you'll find inside any NLE. Someone took the time to create that.

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    Fundamentally you take individual "characters" on transparent backgrounds and put each on a separate track which you manipulate in a 3D space. There was quite a good introduction about how to do this with HitFilm but i can't find it at the moment. It is certainly achievable in Vegas using the same techniques.
    Found it:
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    I have never used Vegas so can only comment on how I would do it with After Effects. They are basically animated stills so as Tim says separate foreground from the background (use Photoshop or something to fill empty space in the background layer), then use After effects to create a layered 3d space. Adjust the layer distances and camera movement to give the results you want. You could also use the After Effects Puppet tool to create the subtle character movements.

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