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    I recently made the decision to completely change my vocation and work towards building a career in editing. I am hoping that this is a good place for some kindly souls to give me some starting advice.

    I dabbled with Adobe Premier at college twelve years ago, (HND Photography and Digital Imaging), but haven't really used any editing software for a good ten years, (I have always been a user of Photoshop which has kept my creative mind ticking over). I recently bought a refurbished iMac with both Adobe Premier CC and Final Cut Pro installed.

    I guess my first question would be should I dedicate my learning to Premier or Final Cut Pro?

    Secondly, I would like to take a course but it seems like my options range from a couple of night school sessions with no certificate to a full on film school degree, with everything else in between. Are there any particular qualifications that I should definitely be aiming for? Or is it enough to just learn then do?

    I know this all sounds incredibly naive, but apart from a quick browse of courses this really is the first action I've taken...



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    Hi Matt

    I take you are still employed and have an income? If so I would spend my free time learning and crafting your skill working on your own projects and when you are confident/ready ask local charities, groups (anyone) if you can do any free work for them (editing footage of an event for their website kind of thing). What you need to do is build a solid showreel of you work. As for qualifications you have already done your HND so unless you have the time and money I would focus on hands-on experience, clients will look at your work before a qualification (that's not to say it doesn't help but more when you want to work for someone else)

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    yes to the above

    also, if you can wiggle your way into a local amateur film crew you'll learn a lot about the different aspects of video and film-making (of which editing is just one part) - directors love to boss people around so they are constantly looking for new whipping boys and you would fit the bill

    Either adobe premiere pro or Final Cut Pro will be fine - pick whichever although fcp will likely run a bit more efficiently on your hardware

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    Thanks for the advice guys.

    I was hoping that would be the case. I'm employed full time so there is no urgency. There seem to be plenty of short courses that cost around 500 which I might splash out for, although I'll give Udemy/Youtube tutorials a go to build confidence and a showreel before laying out if a further qualification isn't essential. More than happy to work for free for as long as it takes.

    Cheers again. At this stage any small prod in the right direction is invaluable!

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