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Thread: How to spend less time on video editing ?

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    Cool How to spend less time on video editing ?

    Hello everybody !

    I don't know if you are like me, but I'm bored editing the videos I recorded with my GoPro Hero 3 after a snowboard session.
    After a long time thinking about it I had the idea to mark the best moments of my activities while recording. The aim was to only playback the best and spend far less time on the video editing. Well, I know that the GoPro Hero 4 just launched the same idea one month ago, but I can't buy a new GoPro every 6 months. So if you are like me, just check
    You can use it with every kind of camera you want !
    Tell me what you think about it !

    Thank you everybody, have a nice day and see you soon !

    Alexandre Thevenot

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    Does this somehow differ from hitting the record button???

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    Yep for sure ! With Flagg'it, you let the camera roll and just add a flag after a beautiful trick or whatever.
    You could miss a great moment otherwise. You can't know before it happened that the moment will be great right ? So you just record everything and put flags to highlight the best.
    If you have a 20 minutes recorded video, there is probably only 1 minute interesting
    Not sure if it's clearer ?

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    for some applications it might be good

    if you have the concept of markers in your video editor you can scrub through your footage and drop markers in the same manner, but this idea could be better

    it doesn't just have to be for an "interesting" moment but any moment you want to revisit during editing (eg something that appeared briefly in the frame and you want to remember to clip around it)

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    Yes, that's it, that's exactly what we do
    Just push the button before or after a moment you want to revist during editing and you'll find it easily in the software !

    Check the Indiegogo campaign :

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    "We" - are you the vendor? In this case this is probably the wrong thread unless I am mistaken

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    Clearly Spam.
    Arguably useful, but posted in the wrong section
    Anyone object if I remove this user?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexthevenot View Post
    Yep for sure ! With Flagg'it, you let the camera roll and just add a flag
    Alternatively, the camera operator could simply place their hand over the lens momentarily. The brief darkness would be be a suitable 'flag' for users of any video editing software.
    If an hour's worth of footage only creates very few good parts; it would be just as easy to use a watch; and make a mental note of when events occurred.
    I don't see the OP's post as "span", but I do think the product is almost entirely useless - and poorly imagined.

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