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    It's been a while, but I'm still noodling away on my own projects.
    Heres one I've just released from shooting this autumn, hope you like x

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    Good to have you back!
    I certainly liked it. I loved the grading and the choice of music.

    I found it unusual in that the majority of the shots are dimensionally flat - ie they have no angles and no vanishing points. You've also chosen to make many of the shots pretty much symmetrical which emphasizes the flat look. I presume this was deliberate and would be interested in whether you'd done this in order to prompt particular emotion or just "on a whim".
    Even though it's a short piece It did feel rather long and I wonder (a) whether the lack of variety of angles (as opposed to the variety of shots of which there were many) contributed to this feeling and (b) whether this was deliberate to reflect the feeling one gets when on the transporter,urging it to move on to the other side.

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    I liked it. I know what Tim is saying but I think he is forgetting about the other dimension. :P Because something is looked at head on doesn't mean it lacks dimension. Or am I missing something.
    I am interested in reading your answer.

    I thought the images, editing and music all fitted well together.

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    I would cut out the gentleman and child between 0:58 and 1:00.

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    I'd say that was pretty good

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