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Thread: Help with video layering Wonder Share

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    Question Help with video layering Wonder Share

    Hi there people's, I'm as new as you can get to video editing so I will try to describe the issue precisely as possible to avoid confusion (Hopefully).
    I want to start my own YouTube gaming channel so I've started recording gameplay footage alongside filming myself whilst playing games. I didn't have a webcam so I recorded the gameplay footage using some video capture software and filmed myself with my iPhone.
    I bought some software called WonderShare believing this would allow me to have the gameplay footage filling the whole screen and the footage of myself playing the game in a small framed box either in the top left or right hand corner.

    So my questions are:

    Is it possible to achive this using WonderShare? If yes how?

    If no what software would I need to achive this affect?

    I would hate to delete all the footage I've recorded because there's hours and hours of it. I have learned my lesson and bought myself a webcam so in future I will be able to get it all done automatically.

    Many thanks

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    I've managed to figure it out using PIP (pictures in pictures), however the main video has sound but the pip video of myself has no sound whatsoever!!

    Any suggestions?

    Alternatively I do have a small budget with which to purchase some different software but I rather not since WonderShare has taken a chunk out of my funds.

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