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Thread: Capturing - is it possible?

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    Default Capturing - is it possible?

    Hi All
    I have Sony Vegas 13 (I think it is, maybe 14) a PS4, a Roxio Capture card and a video camera
    I am trying to record gameplay on the PS4 for YouTube ultimately with me staring in the corner of the clip providing commentary (you know the form).
    Currently I am using the Roxio software that came with the card to capture the gameplay and then use the video from the video camera and then sync it all together.
    What I was wondering is whether Sony Vegas can use the card and the camcorder and inputs?
    Then I could just 'go' and it would just be a case of editing rather than importing/syncing etc
    Anyone know if this is possible and how?
    I did notice a capture option but couldn't get it to capture as it said it could not preview for some reason
    If it natively does this (for multiple inputs - capture card/camcorder/microphone - this would be amazing.

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    Not that I'm aware off, a vision mixer is what we would have used.

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