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    Hello EveryOne I saw Movie Constantine Its A Bit Like Matrix I Just want to know that Im Going to get A 3d Software For Little Bit CGI In Films So Please Anyone Know Whats The Best Or What Used In This Film Most because I Don't Know About Softwares But I only use 3dsMax & I Know That I Can't Make these Effects In 3dsMax Thats Why Im Asking Please Reply!

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    You will need to use something like Discreet's 3DS Max along with either Discreet's Inferno (serious serious dosh) or at the very least Autodesk Combustion or Adobe's After Effects.

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    The link above has an article on the making of Constantine. always has great VFX news and articles.

    For 3D modeling, Maya was used, and probably several other applications.

    Whic specific VFX are you most interested in reproducing ?


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    I would recomend Cinema 4d I love this software its pretty cheap and I have found really easy to use

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    I'd recommend an english class.......or three

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