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    Complete novice ?
    < That's me !
    I had some problems with my Pinnacle Studio 15 & ( with the help of someone on here ) finally got it un-installed . Whew .
    To be perfectly honest , I'm a little reluctant to try installing it again .
    It was a little tricky to get at first but turned out some pretty cool stuff .
    This cost me a hundred bucks but I think I'm going to look for something different .
    Can you folks recommend software that will deliver good looking videos & is easy to use ?

    Thank you all ~ Gene .

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    I used an old version of pinnacle some 8 or 9 years ago for basic editing & had nothing but problems so made the decision to go with Cyberlink power director & haven't looked back.
    My system would probably be classed as middle of the road by most folk however it serves me well, my render times are pretty quick in my opinion although others may disagree.
    Usually render time is approx half the time of the finished edit ie: a 10 minute video would take roughly 5 mins, obviously the more cuts, fx and sound tracks the more time rendering.
    My system is based around
    The i7 cpu
    8 GB DDR3
    Can't remember graphics but it's middle of the road Nvidia.
    I'd definitely consider looking at Cyberlink for basic quick editing.
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    I see several different versions of "Cyberlink power director" online .
    Which one are you happy with ?

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    I'm using power director 11 I think the latest version is 13.

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    Posted Today, 04:33 PM
    Something's got to be funny with this software , I got up the courage to try re installing it & made it as far as the first progress screen & waited for it to do something for 15 minutes & nothing happened .

    $100.00 down the drain

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    I'm glad I haven't bought a video editing software yet, after reading this thread. I have tried "free" video software that does the same thing as Pinnacle seems to be doing. The one I keep going back to is Windows Movie Maker or even YouTube's own video editor. If you know of any video editors that don't freeze and truly are easy to use for novices such as myself, please let me know.

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    here is what to do if you live on the second floor or higher

    if you live on the first floor, you will need to go upstairs to do this

    [1] pick up all your computer stuff in your arms and walk to the window - make sure you got it all
    [2] check that there are no small children and/or seniors on the ground below
    [3] chuck it all out the window while shouting "I know who shot Liberty Valance"
    [4] buy an iPad air 2 - learn iMovie - feel better

    happy new year


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