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Thread: Working with dynamic compression

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    Default Working with dynamic compression


    I have one question regarding audio editing. I wanted to sort of emulate the sound of an FM Radio dynamic compression.

    Software I can use are actually direct-x plugins - Waves Native Power Pack 2.8 C1+ or Sound Forge 6 multiband dynamics. Would anyone know what settings or what other software I could try to use. I want to give my sound a good "punch" to it - that's essentially the reason.

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    I just remembered that one of my father's friends worked professionally at the radio station.

    The answer I got from him is the following;

    First the sound goes through limiter, then through compressor and finally through something called exciter. My best bet is to figure this out with using Waves RCL, L1, C1+, Desser in some sort of combination. Or try multiband dynamics in Sound Forge 6.0 what I think I said originally.

    Please close this thread.

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