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    Hi. I am new to video editing and have bought an external DVD maker which I had to enable the camcorder to connect to the PC. I have edited my first movie and have tried 3 times to burn it using the Arcsoft software.
    The disc appears to burn and I get a message "disc was successfully created". However when I play it on my TV I get a message "no title" and when I put the disc into my other computer to play it seems to indicate the disc is blank.
    Any ideas as to what might be the problem? I am unable to drag the file into Windows DVD maker or media player to burn the film using these programmes. Should I try another programme. I am worried that the file will not open and I have to do all the editing again.
    Any advice would be most appreciated.

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    Just an update to my post above. I have looked at my TEAC DVD Rom 28SV ATA device in my computer in case there may be a problem or a missing driver. It would seem 1 have "system 32 cdromsys "when I view the installed drivers so I am not even sure if my DVD ROM is set up to burn a DVD disc which is what I purchased the computer to do.
    There is definitely a problem as I managed to put a file into Windows DVD Maker and tried to burn it to DVD and received an error message "DVD burner not found. Make sure a DVD burner is connected and installed and try again". I know its connected as it is built into the computer a Dell Quad Core Desktop PC.
    As I have only had the PC for month I shall be raising this issue with my seller but in the meantime if anyone has any ideas which might relieve my frustration they would be very welcome. Thanks in anticipation.

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