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Thread: What am I doing wrong? (Video capture)

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    Default What am I doing wrong? (Video capture)

    I will PAY anyone who can solve this problem!

    I have a good computer and good equipment, but everytime I try to capture video, it tells me my hard drive is full after only 8 or 9 minutes.

    Here are my PC specs:
    Athlon 1700, 1.5Mhz
    512MB DDR memory (266 mhz)
    60 GB HD (40% full) 5400 rpm, ATA100

    I am recording from a pretty standard VHS machine (SVHS, but normal mode).

    I tried to capture video with a Dazzle 80, but it would drop frames, so I upgraded to a Pinnacle AV/DV (an internal capture card). It no longer drops frames, and my Audigy sound card is capturing all of the audio.

    Just short of 10 minutes it gives me a "Disk Full" error. This happens with 3 different programs. It cannot be full because it can capture and save 10 minutes at a time... I've played around with the virtual memory settings, but no result. The audio continues, but the video reads error. This happened with the dazzle and the pinnacle.

    I tried decreasing frame rate, quality, etc. -- the result is always the same. Does anyone have an idea of what I am doing wrong? How much space does video take? I should be able to capture a full hours worth of analog!

    Someone here must have captured video before? Otherwise, can you point me to a good forum that may help? It doesn't make sense.

    I defragged and cleaned disk with no change in results.

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    What version of Windows are you running? What format is the disk (FAT or NTFS)? I think you are hitting the filesize limits which are 2Gb and 4Gb respectively.

    You can capture more than that, up to remaining free space, but you cannot have individual files above the 4 gig barrier in any case.

    Some video editing software will automatically detect scene changes and split into separate files. Other software (like VirtualDub, free) will allow you to capture and use compression on the fly to save space, but more importantly will automatically split files when they get too big.

    Hope this helps,

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