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Thread: Why isn't this sharper?

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    Default Why isn't this sharper?

    Hi - still have much to learn & have a question.

    I recorded this with a samsung HD HMX-F90. In HD, 1280x720 @ 8274kbps & 29 frames/second (so says the file properties box).

    Does this look a bit blurry? I expected it to be clearer. I havn't done anything to this (encoding-wise) except upload it to youtube & trim it down to a few seconds.

    And - what's with 29 frames? Everything refers to 30 - is 29 a problem?

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    Oh yeah, and - can I do anything to make it sharper (in future recordings & with this particular file)?

    I'm using PowerDirector for editing. . .

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    Does the raw footage look blurry when you play it back directly from the camera to an HD monitor????

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    Looks like you used auto focus and it focused on the wall rather than the person. You could try adding some unsharp mask or other sharpening to see if it helps. In future if you can try using a manual focus setting and make sure the subject is in focus.

    Hope that helps.

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