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    Hi everyone,
    I'm here to find some inspiration about the plot of a short film I'm planning to do with some friend of mine.
    Our idea was to make a very short film, like 3-5 minutes, with not a lot of dialogues, we thought about telling the story and the feelings of an apparently normal teenager, that lives his life pretending to be happy while he is lonely, sad and full of paranoids, enhancing the contrast between his exterior being and his real being.

    Thank you in advice!

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    I would go no dialogue and tell the story/ emotions though expression, camera work and editing. You will of course need some great actors to pull it off (natural actors, especially the lead character)!

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    You understood what I wanted to say, but I cannot write a plot on my own...

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    Don't confuse a plot with a screenplay

    you seem to have a plot already - you described it above - I happen to think it is awful but my movies don't really have plots so you are one step ahead of me

    nice cat media has the correct approach for you, but you still need something in between your plot and starting to film:

    1. Identify all the Six "C's": Character, Circumstances, Conflict, Crisis, Climax and Conclusion.
    2. Visualize the story
    3. Visualize it from the viewpoints of each of the characters. Think of their state of mind, feelings, motivations
    4. Diagram the plot. Break it down into its structure - episodes and scenes. What was the problem? The turning point? Is the conclusion satisfactory? Use index cards for this task

    ...Then start filming

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