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Thread: Newcomer "Youtube Brand-intro" - What do you think? Any advices? Help! :)

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    Default Newcomer "Youtube Brand-intro" - What do you think? Any advices? Help! :)

    Hello everyone!

    I am Id3ntyD from the youtube channel Fill with Skill ("") and created my first try of an brand intro (the clip which will be posted after the introduction, before the main part of the video).

    I started with video editing (using premiere) not long ago and i am absolutely aware of me being very in the beginning of my editing skills.

    That is of course the reason i am posting this here

    Would you guys be so nice to give me some constructive feedback on:

    - first impression?

    - suitable for a channel about games/gaming?

    - how is the overall (and in particular if something is not so good) quality of the clip?

    - did i make any technical mistakes?

    - how can i improve certain aspects to make the video look better/professional

    - whatever you want to talk about

    Thanks very much in advance - please believe me that feedback is sooo important (sometimes i don't even know what i should search for terms to find the right guides, haha).

    Kind regards


    ps: originally it was planned that a friend of mine would take care of video editing so i can focus on content - i am actually glad that i was forced to start learning it on my own - so much more control and fun, but damn its a time eater, hehe).

    ps2. and in case someone is still not ready and didn't give up on me yet - 1-2 suggestions for future videos in this series are very welcome too

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    I like the logo. The only thing I can think of that might lift the animation a bit is to do something with "lighting". I presume this isn't a true 3D composite so it wold really be a case of using some sort of 2D spotlight type effect across the image (only very subtle though).
    The "cause winners are sexy" might be better if you could the the leading letters in a brighter shade before it fades to the yellow it is now ... a bit like a fuse going across the screen. this would help draw attenton to the line but because it fades down would not alter the overall baance between that and the main logo.
    I wasn't sure about the cheer. For me it cheapened the image. Perhaps a brief fanfare would work better?

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    Hello Tim,

    Thank you so much for taking your time and giving me feedback on my little clip - i appreciate it very much

    However i am not sure what exactly i could do with the lightning, will have to maybe google it a bit to get an idea (if you have an example in another video that would help a lot to help me picture it), as i am still so new to this whole thing.

    It is not true 3d. The logo fill with skill was created by a designer friend of mine and i tried to make it into the animation you saw (with my humble and basic skillset).

    Will have to think if i can do something with lightning ( first step will be to find some guides online), otherwise (and thats what i was thinking allready) maybe it would be a good idea to add a little sound effect on top of it to put some attention on the words when they appear, but i will have to see if i dont overload the clip with accustic.

    Do you think (or anyone else ) that maybe i should fade the cheer out (which i did in the first version, but because i couldn't find the right transition i left it in and just made it quiter - which felt more harmonic to me)?

    Thanks in advance

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    See what you make of this. A couple of ideas you might consider.

    1. A lens fare effect tracking the "caus winners ..." text. I like the way the light plays on the main logo, though I'm not so keen on the harsh flare leading the text - not really what i was after here.

    2. I've animated a defocus effect so the the logo becomes heavily out of focus when it is nearest the camera, is perfectly in focus when it is at teh "parked" position and then goes increasingly out of focus as the logo moves away. This simulates a depth of field and I think this is really effective.


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