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Thread: Rock Paper Scissors Battle Royale

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    Its been a while since we have made a video but I would like to know what you think!


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    Wow, awesome

    As a newcomer to editing i can only be full of jelly feelings for those effects (i have no idea how they are done) and cant therefore give any feedback, however i think the last scene where he grabs some stuff out of the oven and you show links to the other 2 videos, is too short. i was still watching what he was doing with the oven when the video ended and had no time to actually click on one of the links

    Maybe freeze the last frame and give the viewer some seconds to actually click on the links.

    Oh, and i wouldn't call the video rock, paper, scissors as it somehow spoilers where the fight is leading to and gives away the surprise.

    Where you guys from and how come your creating those vids?
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    I enjoyed this. An amusing idea (though as Id3ntyD says, the title rather spoils the joke) which was full of clichés.

    One area for improvement would be lighting. The characters did not stand out enough from the background and the black guy, in particular, was underexposed. Given the shots used it would be pretty easy to set these up with three point lighting, but even a simple camera mounted LED would help a lot.
    I would have liked the text to remain on the screen for longer - as it is at an odd angle and in a "fussy" font, it takes longer to read than a lower third caption in Helvetica.

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    Thanks for the feedback, we will make some amendments I am sure.

    We have now changed the name to something more cryptic as it was something we had doubts about also. We only currently have one light and that was not available for the shoot sadly but is something that we do need to invest in.

    We are based in Sussex, England and we started making videos just out of pure enjoyment and is something we would like to do as a living in the future so for now we are just practising to see what we can create.

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    Looked fun!
    "80% of success is turning up" - Woody Allen

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    thats a good begining dudes

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