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Thread: I just want to trim the sides off a video, what do I need?

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    Question I just want to trim the sides off a video, what do I need?

    I have a handful of videos that my friend took of me and I really have no idea what he did but this is what the videos came out looking like. I just want to know what I can do to trim the top and bottom white parts off. Movie Maker can't do it and LightWorks is way over my head, I'm completely ignorant to any of this stuff. Can someone please point in the direction of some VERY basic software that can do this?

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    Sony Movie Studio etc. It's not that basic, but it will do what you need it to do.

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    It's simple enough to do using the free program Virtualdub This took about 5 minutes to do:

    Upside ...Virtualdub is free

    Downside? depends on your definition of 'basic' .....Virtualdub is not exactly 'one click' type easy, but this cropping task is simple enough to do. I can post the sequence of how I cropped your video, unless someone can come up with a simpler answer in the meantime.....

    As I say Virtualdub is not exactly very 'user friendly', but it's not that difficult.....
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    VirtulaDub wouldn't open my mp4 files so I got ImTOO Video Converter but for some reason it won't export in the original square 1:1 video size - it kept stretching out my videos - so I just started going through all of the export options and selected "pan and scan" and wouldn't you know, it automatically cropped the video and exported it. Odd series of events to lead me to this but at least I got the job done. Thanks for the help!

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