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Thread: Rafting Edit, critiques wanted :)

  1. Default Rafting Edit, critiques wanted :)

    I am basically done, at least as far as I know, with this little fun project I was working on. I love critiques and opinions so judge away. Let me know what sucked and what didnt. what you would have done differently, what could make it better...thanks I appreciate it!

    Watch it in 720HD, everything else sucks ass

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    At 0:16 you have some camera noise that you could just have musted as there is no other sound captured
    Generally it might have been a good idea to take some sound samples instead of using the original sound where possible
    The closing frame at 3:15 is a bit shaky. I would try to go for something more stable to give the video an ending.

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    :16 unnecessary camera noise, make sound samples in the future, redo closing frame at 3:15. Check!

    Nothing else haha?

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    Generally it's not a bad edit. You've got a lot of things right in the edit. You fallow a narrative etc. I'm not a fan of the jump cut edits particully the reverese one at 1:25 but I guess that's a taste thing. Also the music wasn't to my liking but again that's a taste thing.

    Well done.

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