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Thread: If you interested in South indian short films, please do watch and comment ...

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    Cool If you interested in South indian short films, please do watch and comment ...

    Guys...i just finished editing south indian short film..please watch here and comment for changes..


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    The titles looked great - but 1:15 is far too long - we're not a captive audience on the internet, most will have clicked away before 10 secs.
    The images generally looked good, you had a nice selection of extreme close ups for cutaways (hands, feet on motorbike levers, pedals etc) but few if any of faces - faces only tended to appear in wide or mid shots yet it is faces that help viewers identify with characters and show emotions, feelings etc.
    Watch out for tilting the camera. Some shots jumped out as not being level (eg 2:10)
    50% of film is audio and this is the area in which you can make the greatest improvement. All the dialogue was badly clipped. If this was in post you can rescue it. If not - make sure you don't overload whatever it is in your audio chain next time you film. It really spoiled the film for me, which is a shame as you'd clearly put a lot of effort into this.

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