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Thread: Davinci Resolve Tutorial - Face Tracking

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    Right in this tutorial I show how easy it is to do tracking in Davinci Resolve. Very handy if you want to add some exposure to a moving object or actorís face!

    Thanks for watching!

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    This is a good video tutorial do you have any more tip and tricks R

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    Nicely done.

    I think it is very important to use the correct terminology (by which I mean the terminology used by the manufacturer/developer) in tutorials in order to avoid miscommunication. You referred to the "masking page" and then say you think it's actually called window. DaVinci refers to this as a "Power Window". It's only a minor point, but if you always call it a mask, someone else calls it a window and someone else calls it a power window this can confuse people, especially newbies.

    (It is, of course, perfectly acceptable - even helpful - to call it a Power Window and explain that some others might call it a mask, but in DaVinci parlance it is a Pwoer Window and that's why you're going to call it that!)

    The other thing I'd suggest is that as the tutorial is about tracking the face make it solely about that. Cut the stuff at the beginning about darkening the image (you could simply show the already darkened clip "Here's a clips chch i have already darkened for effect"). Many people who want to learn face tracking will have clicked away befor you get to the meat of the video.

    However, it is clearly demonstrated and explained and thet is the main thing.

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