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Thread: Optimizing video file for HTML5 video background

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    Default Optimizing video file for HTML5 video background

    I am trying to create a video background for my website, and struggling to create a video file small enough to avoid making the website lag.
    Looking at other examples ( is a great one) it seems the optimal file size is around 4mb.

    How can you reduce a 30mb .mp4 file (26 sec long) to such a small size, maintain enough quality for viewing on laptop and average monitors, and ensure it is browser compatible?

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    I recommend examining the files using the Widow app "MediaInfo". There are several differences between the Kickstarter MP4 and the one at peakfolio. Perhaps it might help.
    They have very different durations (16secs at KS, 25secs at PF).
    The KS mp4 does not contain an audio channel.
    The Format profile at KS is "Main@L 3.2", the value at PF is "Baseline@L 1.3".

    Perhaps KS runs on faster web servers (or connection speeds); and are able to download files faster.

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    You could try cropping to a widescreen image (the Kickstarter clip is 2.66:1).

    Taking your 1029.mp4 file and cropping it to 2.35:1 (1280x544) would bring your file size down to about 3.3MB. (See my quick demo version here: )

    Won't cover your whole background of course (neither does Kickstarter). It could be that the text is easier to read, if it's not all against a video background?.....
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