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Thread: Generating random video

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    Default Generating random video

    Hello, this is my first entry on this page.

    I have a really complicated idea. I have a song and I have about 200 photos.
    The main idea is to play this song and show the photos. That's easy. But I need a program I can tell *switch to next photo at 33s* *fade photo out now* etc. I want to use place-makers and when I render it, the program should fill all place-makers with different photos. So I could render the video as often as I want to and always get a different result.

    I know my idea is very complicated and might seem pointless, but this is really important to me. Does anyone know any program for that or a different way to do this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Openshot can do something like that. Developers are working on Mac and Windows version but currently it's only available for Linux.

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