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Thread: graphics card for sony?

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    Default graphics card for sony?

    Hi there, I'm going to be building a pc shortly mainly video editing. The system will be based upon an Amd FX-9370. ( or is it worth the extra 20 for the FX-9590?) I'll be putting 16 gb ram in it. My main problem is choosing a graphics card. The card must be compatable with Sony movie suite platinum 12, ie the program will utilise the graphics card for rendering etc. There is a lot of conflicting information about sony and compatable graphic cards out on the net. I want to get the most "bang for bucks" out of the card and want to spent between 100 and 150. Have you members any suggestions?

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    I think it's conflicting information because people have different experiences depending on the rest of their set up and the type of stuff they're rendering. I noticed a small improvement when I swapped my GTS450 for a GTX560 a couple of years ago (ie in the dark ages as far as graphics cards go) but in many cases I found no faster and sometime slower than rendering using CPU only (i7 2600K @ 3.4GHz). I never use GPU now as I find it more likely to crash (not frequently, but often enough to annoy) and time rendering is not that critical for me.
    The consensus on the Sony Creative Software forum is that GPU acceleration in Vegas (which is basically the big brother of Movie Studio) is broken and something that SCS really needs to address.

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