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Thread: problem with converting .avi to .mp4

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    Default problem with converting .avi to .mp4

    Hi guys,
    My Pentax K-r records video in .avi format (mjpg codec). When I convert it to .mp4 or any other format, I can hear a loud sputter (?) every second. I do not know how to describe this, so I am attaching both .avi and .mp4 file so you can hear it. It sounds like someone was tapping the microphone or like that sound in headphones when you plug them in to audio source.
    AVI Sample - original
    MP4 sample - converted

    I am curious if you too will hear that sound.

    Second thing is that when I play the .avi file in Media Player Classic I can hear that strange sound, but when I open the same file in Windows Media Player the sound is OK. It's the same on every computer I tried. Also it is ok while playing directly on the camera.
    I was recording and converting videos from my Pentax K-r many times and never had this problem before. Videos that I recorded some time ago work just fine.

    Today I spent like 4 hours trying to get rid of this problem. I tried removing and installing codecs and other software but with no luck :(

    Do you think this is could be a problem with my camera?
    thanks in advance for your help
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    The problem is clearly with the software / configuration you are using and NOT the camera.

    I downloaded your AVI file, converted it in Adobe Media Encoder and there are no problems whatsoever.

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    that's a good news
    but it's strange that I have no problems with videos I recorded two weeks ago, the sound is good both in avi and a converted files, even if I convert them now. The problem concerns only videos I recorded last time

    Damn now it hit me! I updated my camera firmware last week! This can be the reason!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawli View Post
    Damn now it hit me! I updated my camera firmware last week! This can be the reason!
    Even so, there is no inherent reason that the files from the camera are a problem, I can convert them without any problems at all.

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    Could you tell me what codecs and video player do you use ?

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    The source codec is coming out of the camera, so you have no control over that.

    I simply converted to MP4 with an H264 codec at 10mb/s, but you can choose any data rate you want.

    Once you have a good H264 file any video player should work fine. BTW - I'm not converting inside a player, but a good media player would be something like VLC.

    If you want a good video conversion tool (to H264 / X264) for free then download Handbrake. It's free and can produce excellent results and usually better than most paid products.

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    Thanks for reply.
    I know I have no control over the source codec, but I need to have codecs installed on my computer in order to play the videos. Can you recommend a good codec pack for windows? I used K-Lite codec pack, now I uninstalled it so I can't even play avi files.

    I don't know what is going on. I was so desperate I reinstalled windows... Now when I play .avi in Windows Media Player it's ok. same .avi in Media Player Classic - problem with sound. Video converted to .mp4 - problem with sound in both WMP and MPC. :(

    the sputter sound I'm talking about can be clearly seen on the waveform (the single vertical lines)
    .mp4 file:

    avi file:
    Maybe in .avi they are somehow filtered or something?
    Could you send me the .mp4 file you converted so I could check if it works for me?
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    Please grab it ASAP. I will remove it within a couple of days.

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    I do not know how is that even possible...the file from you works fine. what codecs do you have installed on your system?

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    This is H264 in an MP4 container. Nothing more, nothing less and nothing complicated. It's about as basic as it gets.

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