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Thread: new mac or upgrade my current macbook pro?

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    I have a Macbook Pro OSX 10.9.5 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo 4GB of Ram. I run Adobe CC applications such as Premiere Pro Speedgrade After Effects Photoshop etc. It obviously doesn't run as fast as it should and my graphics card doesn't meet the requirements for the fast rendering etc but it does work okay for me. Should I get a new Mac or is it possible that if I upgrade my Ram to 8 or 16GB It will run as fast as a newer mac? I also wan to upgrade to Yosemite but I'm not sure if my Mac will slow down even more if I do this and if all the applications I use will work with it.


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    Upgrade because of the applications you're using.

    I use FCP 7.03 and FCP Xi. To give you an idea of the difference, FCP Xi is built so that the more RAM present, the more it will use and the better it will cope with the edit. With FCP 7.03, it uses a finite amount of RAM (4 Gigs) so ta better graphics card, processor etc... will produce improvements. If I wanted to focus on FCP 7.03 I would upgrade my machine but with FCP Xi, I would simply upgrade the RAM.

    My understanding of Adobe's products is it is a bit of both, but if it was my choice, I would upgrade the machine because the software will greatly benefit from the better processor etc...
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    I would upgrade your machine to at least an i5 and preferably an i7 (you can tell the difference). I'd also make sure I have at least (very minimum) 8GB ram, but all my machines now have either 16GB or 32GB and yes I can tell the difference. 12GB & 16GB make the most difference over 8GB, not so much difference from 16GB to 32GB, with the exception of After Effects that can obviously ram preview twice as much stuff.

    I also noticed a massive difference between machines for Adobe products based on the GPU installed. For instance, my MacPro & MacBookPro were taking almost 3 hours for a particular After Effects 3D ray trace render, the MacMin was taking 4+ hours. The new iMac I bought (i7, 4GB GPU) does it in just over 2 minutes. That's not a typo - 3-4 hours down to 2 minutes based on the GPU being supported.

    If you're on CS6 or CC then having a supported GPU will actually make a LOT of difference to both playback and export times.

    If you can upgrade your current mac to 16GB for very low cost then it's worth trying, but I think in the end you're likely to want to upgrade your CPU / GPU in the not too distant future.

    It really does depend on your budget. Those new iMacs with 5K screens look like they could be fun
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