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Thread: Making images overlap a video?

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    Default Making images overlap a video?

    I want to make a video like this where the images are hovering over running video and move the way I want them to as the movie runs. The video shows a scene from the movie The Mask and has some league of legend art pictures overlapping people's faces. Can anyone help me understand how to do this?

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    1. Clear copyright with all the videos and images you want to use.
    2. Obtain compositing software such as HitFilm or AfterEffects and any necessary motion tracking plug-in
    3. Place your video on the lower layer.
    4. Create a tracking point for each item (in your case "head") that you want to follow
    5. Create a layer for each still image and place the image there
    6. Parent the movement of each image to the track for the relevant head.

    A simple task for someone who is familiar with the software. A bit of a learning curve if you're going about this from scratch.

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    The method suggested above by Tim is of course the correct approach for this task. If this is something you intend to do over and over, then the time spent learning about motion tracking will be time well spent.

    If however you only want to do this once, and only on a short clip, then there is an alternative approach which solves the two big problems with the above solution.

    1) 'After Effects' and 'Hit Film' are both very is, I suspect, any other type of similar software capable of carrying out this task
    2) The learning curve required to use them effectively can be quite steep!

    The very short 10 second clip here:

    shows two faces individually 'blurred out' in a short sequence, and was done just using free software. It's also very simple to do (no steep learning curve). You would need to replace the 'blurs' with actual images for your project.

    BUT .. and it's a big but.... it does need you to modify each frame manually... in this case I used the free program Gimphoto. It only takes a few seconds to modify each frame, but with each second using, say, 25 images, then a long sequence can become very time consuming.
    That 10 second sequence I linked to above took less than an hour in total to do.

    You can significantly reduce the workload by decimating the sequence frame rate by 2 ..or possibly by even more?.., and then 're-constitute' the original the frame count in the final edit .. again all with free software. (MV Tools2 can produce remarkable results when it comes to creating new interim frames!)

    As I say... it really depends on how many times you expect to do this.... and whether you have a long sequence to edit or not?.......
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    Thanks for the replies. I was actually just intending to dink around for a couple hours with this when I get free time, I don't usually get a lot. I don't have a real objective, just thought it looked funny and wanted to see what I could come up with. Pretty much broke money-wise too so I'll see how the free trial works out on Hit Film.

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    Mac or Windows?

    Motion (Mac) is only about $50 and can do all that tracking. iMovie can help you embed one track over another too.

    I'm less familiar with windows solutions.... sorry.

    I'd use either Motion or After Effects for tracking and overlaying the tracked image, although you can also keyframe manually in many NLEs.

    Frankly, the example you point to wasn't very well tracked so probably only used manual key framing anyway, available on lots of NLEs.

    Exactly what software do you have access to right now?

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    Mocha via After Effects gives great results for this kind of stuff (better tracking than the built in AE tracker). If this is done as a parody you might be ok for copyright but check yourself???

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