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Thread: Directors reel, what do you think?

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    Default Directors reel, what do you think?

    Hiya y'all

    Have been as sick as a dog (as in lost muscle mass, bone mass sick, not just the flu) so unable to really push on with film making. However, am coming back, have been doing some editing and have cut together a directors reel. I think I should get rid of the animal noises.

    What do you think? Please fire away and be as harsh as you like.


    "80% of success is turning up" - Woody Allen

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    I liked it despite panning forth and back in the beginning.

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    Looks good and advertises you skill quite well but it let you down, in my opinion, on the following (you asked for harsh):
    1. I agree with XXL about the opening pan.
    2. I didn't like the girl at 0:17 talking without audio - especially as audio then comes in. Gives the impression of a bad edit.
    3. Music (especially the low bass) seemed extremely loud when it entered at 0:47 - I appreciate you are probably going for a deliberate contrast but this is not "loud" music and it sounded to me like it had come from a different audio mix - it had me reaching for the volume control.
    4. Some of the wider screen images looked stretched horizontally - I don't think this was an optical illusion caused by the juxtaposition of different aspect ratios.

    Hope that's of help.

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    Thanks chaps! Will bring down the music and bring up the preceding dialogue. You're right and the contrast in volume is too broad. Don't think I should've watched Michael Bay's reel before cutting mine!

    Thinking about the stretches. Need to really think about putting a single aspect ratio in there or at least one which is more consistent. It is an optical illusion and need to work on this.

    It lacks a few elements and now I'm well again, hopefully if I can get back into the real world and get a job etc..., will shoot a couple of shorts which should rectify this. Although I shoot stuff for a few grand here and there, am still an amateur but want to fight my way up to climb the slippery pole and see if I can make films!
    "80% of success is turning up" - Woody Allen

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