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Thread: Where to buy lenses from?

  1. Default Where to buy lenses from?

    Hi guys,

    as above, I was just wondering where you usually bought your lenses and used?

    I'm thinking about buying a Tokina 11-16mm for my a58, and have looked on amazon, ebay and jessops so far.

    Thanks for any info.

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    I'd typically buy new lenses from Amazon, Wex Photographic, Dale Photographic, or one of the many other UK stockist. I haven't bought from Jessops since they went bust, got bought out and went almost all internet based, but no reason to think they aren't as good as anyone else.

    When ever I buy from Amazon I like to see that it's fulfilled by amazon and not a third party. Third parties seem to have a really hard time getting you proper receipts (important for warranty) saying Amazon should do it, but when you go to Amazon they say the third party should do it and you're left in the middle. When it's fulfilled by Amazon you get an Amazon receipt.

    I've also bought a few times from DigitalRev in HongKong who give a price including shipping and duty, in other words, delivered to your door. their service has been second to none. I recently bought something from them wednesday evening (8pm) and it was at my door Friday morning!!! Even a UK supplier wouldn't have got it to me any faster, but would have charged me 280 more for the same lens.

    So, Amazon, Wex etc all good.
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    Thanks for this David.
    I'll have a look at DigitalRev and the others you suggested
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    Just having a look on DigitalRev,

    Could you tell me difference between these 2 lenses:
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