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Thread: Fixed Gear in Latvia

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    Good evening!

    In summer we made a video about fixed gear bikes to show the culture in Latvia. Enjoy!

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    You seem to have copyright issues as I can not watch it.

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    Yeap, sorry, we have this problem quite often. But if you woldn't live in Germany, you could watch it

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    Or, and this is a crazy notion, get yourself some royalty free music.

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    The video played fine in Canada

    Nice shots - well done - somebody obviously discovered the DOF setting on their new camera

    im not a cyclist and I could toss every bicycle I see in the river so the content didn't appeal to me but that's just me

    Latvia looks like a very nice place - is this Riga?

    the music track worked fine but why not just go royalty free as suggested above

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    Yes, all shots are filmed in Riga and it is a nice place to be Where can I find some royalty free music? Could you give me a website?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RRXtreme View Post
    Where can I find some royalty free music? Could you give me a website?
    Please let me help you with that one....

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Partington View Post
    Please let me help you with that one....
    Love it, David

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    Thank you!

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