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Thread: All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor, Cover

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    Cool All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor, Cover


    New band and new video cover of All About That Bass! We tried to make it professional, i dont know if we managed to achieve that!

    Please tell us what you think about the video editing, lights, video quality and about the song itself!



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    Because I live in 1976 I'd not heard this song before. Didn't realise it was a cover ('cos I didn't read the title) but obviously once I realised I looked for other performances. This is a far more interesting version. Well done the band.I heard a very strong resemblance to "Fairground Attraction" and the video added to this effect. They didn't look like that band, but looked like they could be a 2014 version. The video was helped by a very camera friendly performance from the lead. Good use of cutaway (necessary and well shot, if obvious, images of the guitar and bass) We could perhaps have done with a few more cutaways (like the beginning shots of the sneakers - what a great way to create an immediate interest). On the whole I liked the colour but a few shots looked like they'd been "pushed" a bit - and unnatural as a consequence. There were one or two unusual choices of composition, which I assume were intentional - and credit for that - but I'm not sure they always worked (eg 3:25) a couple of zooms (please don't!) and some unmotivated movement (eg 2:04 which tilts down but goes nowhere)
    But I enjoyed it very much.

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    Thank you very much for the feedback Tim! Very useful indeed! And everything you said including the explanation makes sense!

    I will forward this to the Team who made the video!

    Thanks again! Keep the comments coming!

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