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Thread: Easiest video switcher solution?

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    Default Easiest video switcher solution?

    Hey guys!! I'm very new here, so please bear with me in case I'm posting this in the wrong place or I'm making any rookie mistakes!

    I was wondering about something - I am trying to connect 3 cameras to my computer in order to work as a teacher in an online education facility, but the software these people are offering only allows for one device to be connected during one session, and I'd really like to be able to switch between angles, since I already have 3 cameras at my disposal anyway...

    What is the cheapest / easiest way to connect all three cameras to a computer (so that they show up as one device)?

    I was thinking of a video switcher with a remote control, but unfortunately, the cheapest stuff I have been able to find would dig a hole of about $600 into my pocket, which is more than what the cameras themselves costed, ages ago, when I bought them

    All 3 cameras have a mini-HDMI output, so I suppose that anything with an HDMI input (edit: I mean 3 HDMI inputs, since there're 3 cams!) would work...

    Anybody can help me with this, or please move this thread in its right forum, in case I've posted it in the wrong place?

    I'd really appreciate any help on this one!!

    PS: These are not webcams (they're basic Sony handycams), so I can't plug them straight into my USB port... and even if I could, they still wouldn't show up as one device, so I'm afraid that wouldn't help much...

    Edit: Ah, I just realized this might have fit better in the "Buying advice" forum! :( In case I've posted this in the wrong place... any mod kind enough to move it there? Please excuse my complete noob-ness!
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    I think the subject fits perfectly well within this forum.
    I think you'll be lucky to find anything although technology has a habit of making most answers redundant before they've been posted. We were looking for something similar when we upgraded our projector at my video club. We wanted to be able to switch between different HDMI sources. We found some cheap solutions but these always resulted in a few seconds of "nothing" every time we switched. This is because of the time it takes HDMI to re-negotiate a signal each time you switch. Devices that would do the job seamlessly were thousands of dollars then so 600 seems cheap to me!

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