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    Hi All,

    I'm planning a television weekly half an hour series and would love to have onboard a videographer.

    In the begining there may not be money involved but travelling expenses will be covered but I need someone that believes in start small grow big.

    The series will cover the oil and gas industry ( More on it will be unfold to the right person).

    I can't afford to pay you for a start but I need a creative hand with which we will grow together.

    My not paying now is not out of greed but I sincerely mean I cant afford it but I need someone with the videography know-how that will not let the dream die.

    I will be more than happy to answer any question.

    All of my best,


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    Hi Tim,

    It may help if you're a bit more specific. I'm not suggesting you should give your idea away, rather what stage the project is at, what you've done so far, what (apart from an idea) are you bringing to the table, where do you hope to air it and how are you gong to get them interested. That sort of thing.

    BTW I don't have a professional skill set and so would not be looking, but if I did, these are the sort of questions I'd first be asking.

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    First few questions are:

    What stage are you at?

    Where are you located?

    How much time on a weekly basis is required?

    Where is the filming likely to be initially?

    What stage are you at in terms of pilot, commissioning, etc?

    What channel is this destined for?

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    Is it going to be a documentary series or some kind of soap opera?

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    Many thanks for the reply,

    The planning of the show has got to the negotiation stage with some of our prospects.

    The filming will be at the venue of the person to be interviewed or as agreed.

    2 days in a week should do.

    'm open to answer any question, once again my appreciation for your time to reply to the thread.


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