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Thread: 60 hour film challenge

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    Default 60 hour film challenge

    I wonder if someone else here would be interested in trying to enter this challenge together!!!

    Maybe the idea of an international plot (or whatever the theme comes from them) can add something extra to this entry?

    I have a wedding on saturday, but would love to work hard on the idea and editing on the preceding friday and next sunday. The group can work together via skype and try to finalize something in time... Not necessariliy to win, but to have some fun and purpose???

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    In principle I would be interested in a competition like that but neither my gear nor the date will allow for this one.

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    Well it depends on what our idea is

    Im going kayaking with my wife on Saturday - the idea could be - I make a phone call while I am in the boat - then the video switches to the next guy who takes the call - then the next guy - until somebody calls when I am still talking to the first guy and he has to go on call waiting - the end - yeah that hasn't been done before - so maybe we add a twist and everybody dies - deus ex machina - oh wait the Greeks did that one already - ok forget it

    the videos that win prizes in canada are the ones where the one-legged, drug-addicted, visible minority mother of six from three different fathers has an experience that turns everything around for her - seen it - don't need to see it again - definitely don't want to waste film on it - so who has an idea?

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