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Thread: Where to sell gear now?

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    Default Where to sell gear now?

    OK, I'm about to sell off some surplus gear (UK based) and wondered where people think the best place to sell is nowadays?

    While ebay has been quite successful for me over the years, the combination of ebay fees and paypal fees takes a huge chunk so it would be really nice to find some other way of selling and maybe split the difference with the buyer so we both win.

    This is going to be some Canon XF100 cameras, some audio gear (zooms) and maybe some mics and even wireless mics.


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    Just done the same.

    Try Barry at bblist ( for the audio stuff, for the rest, to get the best prices you have to risk the nutters, losers, time-wasters and other dross who form the ebay community.

    You might not get such a good price on BBlist but I've used it for years and it is 100% reliable.

    There is TVbay but they also take a huge chunk in commission (more than ebay when you add in the hidden costs) and don't have all the safeguards of ebay.

    The pendulum has swung so far in the favour of the buyers that selling on ebay can be a nightmare.
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    When you do decide where to list, please post details here!

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