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Thread: Which camcorder to buy ?

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    Post Which camcorder to buy ?

    I have been looking at the Panasonic v750 & xc-920 / Canon G25 /G30 or XA10 ?
    Which is best for complete novice ?
    I'm looking to buy a new camcorder in the very near future, as I'm quite new to this subject I need some advice. The camcorder must be capable of filming HD video of a indoor stage with lighting changes. It would be a benefit if it had input for external microphone and good battery life. Can you suggest some options in different price brackets due to I'm still deciding on money available.

    I will have to be film from the back of the auditions which is approx 30 metres away, this will be at an elevated position due to the tiered sitting and I'm really looking for a camera which is fully automatic due to how new i'm to this process.
    My maximum budget is 1000.
    Which is the best option ?
    Look forward to the reponse and advise from the experts in this field.

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    Don't forget you will need to consider the audio. You cannot expect to get usable sound from a microphone (even an expensive shotgun) from 30m.
    This means closer mic(s) and long leads, closer mics plugged into a separate digital recorder, or closer mics and wireless transmitters. (If the auditions are being miced you may be able to get a feed from the sound desk)
    If the former you wll need to run balanced cables with XLR connectors which would mean either the XA10 or adding something like a Beachtek (pre-amp with XLR in/3.5mm jack out) into the equation.

    Don't leave the camera in automatic if there are lighting changes. The camera will always attempt to fight the effects of those changes and exposure will likely be all over the place.

    My suggestion would be if you have the opportunity, get the lighting guys to set the lights at the maximum they will use and expose according to this and fix it there. Then get them to set for neutral light (white) and white balance for this and fix this there. There are plenty of people here with more experience than me at filming such events so I'm happy to be "overruled" on this suggestion.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes i will talk to the lighting guy and on the audio question , i can get a feed live from the mixing desk to the camera.Do i have to do any special with this feed or is it a straight cable to the camcorder to mixing desk output.


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