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Thread: Setting up a Production House

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    Exclamation Setting up a Production House

    Hey there everyone, i am a Sixth Form Student and have a quick questionnaire for you guys to fill out for me as part of my Primary Research into setting up a Small Production house, just use the link below

    Thank you for your time and effort in advance!


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    Answered, but honestly at least one of your questions is way to broad because you haven't given enough details about what level of kit you are looking at or what kind of productions you are looking at.

    For instance, basic computers (capable of doing the job) or workstation class systems?

    You haven't even touched on storage or multi user workflows.

    You don't mention if you're doing single or multi camera productions etc, or 'good cameras' that can do the job (based on what job?) or are you going high end RED etc?

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    The best bet would be to buy a RED as David suggested - when you buy one they insist that you buy some consulting as well and that will be your opportunity to learn precisely what else you are missing in your kit

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