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Thread: Canon XM2 hun when recording

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    Post Canon XM2 hun when recording

    my canon xm2 is producing a 125hz or so hum when recording using the built in mic. If I use an external mic plugged in to the camera and do not mount it on the shoe all is ok. I hear the hum when recording and monitoring the sound level through the headphone jack? Anyone else noticed ths problem? I am a newbie at forums but have some experience with camcorders.

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    I would think your problem will be coming from some sort of interference affecting the audio side of the camera. I have no experience with this make or model so can't help further.

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    This sounds like a grounding problem

    use the external mic until you can have someone look at the camera

    you might also try wearing rubber boots and see if the problem goes away

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    I was getting a ground hum on my vixia hf400 when plugged into the wall for power. Unplugging and relying on the battery while recording solved the issue.

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