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Thread: Make my dragon breathe fire

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    Hi there, occasional lurker, haven't posted in a while, but had a question: I'm filming a toy dragon against a blue screen to take into another clip and light the screen on fire. Any suggestions on how to create the fire to come from the dragon and eventually fill the screen with it's fire? I use Vegas, but have access to After Effects if needed. Thoughts? Thanks

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    Film a flame against the blue screen, turn it by 90 and overlay it?

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    Video Copilot has a great range of fire assets in their Action Essentials collection. If you want something for free there should be similar fire assets floating around the net. As you have After Effects you can use the 'Mesh Warp' effect to stretch or shape the flames. Film Riot also has a tutorial in one of their episodes about a flamethrower effect which I imagine is pretty similar to what you want.

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    Ended up just using a clip of actual fire and laid overtop of everything - not exactly what I wanted, but has the same effect. Thanks for the suggestions, almost went for having a candle and increase it in size but didn't think I could find the right look that way in the end. It's right at the end, such a small part of the video:

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    Not exactly what I expected
    Could be cut down a bit for my taste and the lighting is improvable in some parts.

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    Actual fire works best - good job

    You might want to cut down on the canoodling at the beginning (especially given that some people will be viewing this right after their dinner)

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