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Thread: Budget Camera for Stills and Video??

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    as above, I'm on the hunt for a camera/lens which will enable me to take photos, and ideally record videos to upload to my youtube page.

    I've currently got basic digicam which I've been learning on - samsung wb250f -, but I thought now would be a good time to upgrade to something else, especially with me wanting to shoot and upload video footage to youtube.

    My requirements are.

    Shooting stills.....mostly in outdoor locations, but I may need to shoot in door in low light conditions now and again.

    Shooting video - For short documentaries, music videos and for my presenters show reel. So again mostly outdoor hand-held stuff, filming piece to cameras, walking and talking to camera, gvs.......and something I can connect and ext mic to?

    I had a chat with a local cameraman, who does similar stuff to what I plan to do, and suggested a DSLR camera to get me started?.....He also said that a Canon c100 would be a good camera to film on too, but that's out of budget, and I would rather learn more before I progress to something like that.

    I know I'm probably asking waaay too much out of a budget cam, but I thought I would see what suggestions I get.

    Budget is around 300-500.

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    I use a Nikon 1 j2 and it fits my needs.

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    Would I be able to do all of the above stuff with that camera?

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    You can have a look at my channel for videos ( and at my blog for images (

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    How firm is your Budget? I have to be honest and say it's a bit light to cover 'everything' you're looking to do.

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    Not sure what it's called in your country but the low-end canon rebel would be fine for you

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    Thanks for the input guys. I ended up buying a Sony SLT A58 in the end. Loving it so far.....but I have a lot to learn

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