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Thread: What is the Preferred Method of File Back-Up These days?

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    Cool What is the Preferred Method of File Back-Up These days?

    Hello Again!

    Just trying to determine what's the best way to back-up files these days to assure nothing gets lost due to hardware failure.

    I recall RAID being popular now, and I think Dell still offers it, but I think it may have lost favor to other external drive back-up options or the Cloud.

    Can anyone provide some insight on this?

    This chap has two nice videos, but they are a couple years old.

    He goes through the components purchase process here

    And builds a new computer here

    Thanks again!

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    Do you mean 'Backup', as in a short term copy you can instantly recall if your hard drive dies, or 'Archive', a long term copy that you may never actually access again, but it's there in case you need it in x years?

    For "Backup" we use a combination of external hard disks and a Synology DS414 NAS (which has built in RAID).

    For 'Archive' we never rely on hard disks (even raid) because they can fail at any moment, especially sat on a shelf! So we use LTO tapes. The drives are expensive but the tapes are cheaper that hard disks and have a 20 year life.

    It all comes down to "how much" you want to backup / archive and how long you want it to last.

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    For private use I would go for a RAID NAS plus single external USB drives as fail over.

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    Hello All,

    Sorry guys, I re-read my above post and see the first and last parts seem quite unrelated, but it's just that the chap in the video spoke quite a bit about his RAID set-up. He actually has a new video done this year showing his build of a video editing box with a budget of $1400.

    But Dave, I probably do not need tape archive because once a video is on my website, there will be several copies of it in various places (computer, computer back-up, website, website back-up). And so I am thinking of back-up copies of work-in-progress and recently finished product. Dave, when you say you use external hard disks, do you mean just drag and drop to external drives? And that Synology NAS set-up with built-in RAID, can you elaborate a bit as to how that works, what to buy and how to hook-up? I think that may suit my needs well.

    And XXLRay, when you say RAID NAS is that the same as what Dave is referring to? And by external USB drives that is also just drag-n-drop on an external drive?

    Thanks to all!

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    Yes, that's what is referring to and yes I mean the cheapest USB hard drives you can get as fail-over.

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    Looks like my last reply got lost somehow :(

    The RAID NAS sits on the network and can be accessed by more than one computer (if you choose to allow it). You can use it like a local external drive most of the time, though some apps don't like network drives for certain operations.

    I use some software called GoodSync (Windows & Mac) which means it only ever needs to do a full copy ONCE, then as I make changes the software can sync the newly changed files very quickly, so the backup is updated without having to re-copy the entire thing.

    if you're on Windows then search out a FREE product from Microsoft called "SyncToy". It does much the same thing and I've used that very successfully over the years too.

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