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Thread: And another vid out! give tips

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    heres my new video. Did it in 1 hour this morning. im newbie still remember that so be gentle and give good feedback how i can get better!

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    I am fairly new to digital filming and editing too so I'm not sure how much weight my opinion carries but when you are making a video you need to think about what it is your trying to say so for example if you are doing a promotional video for a building company then think about what the message is your trying to get accross so if, for example, its a building company who specialises in restoring old buildings then you would need to tell that story, so you might begin with a shot of an old dilapidated building with trees growing out of the roof for example, then cut to a shot of workers stripping back all the old material then a shot of the new stuff being put back in and then finish with some fabulous shots of the new building in all its splendour.
    Now you have visually told the story of what the company does and you can highlight your message by adding text during the shots or even a voice over of the company owner talking about what makes them special.
    All of these shots need to be thought out in advance and edited with thought and care, composition and timing is everything especially when adding a music track. It takes a lot of thought and editing a piece together usually takes me several hours not just one (but that may be due to my inexperience )
    I would suggest you have a look at a commercial video that is similar to what your trying to do and think about the story they are telling, the compositions they are using and how they use things like music, text and voice overs to get their message accross

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