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Thread: Good music for videos??

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    Default Good music for videos??

    Hi there

    My first post here and I'm sorry if I'm posting in a wrong forum or if this question has been asked 1000x times..

    I got bitten by the video editing bug. I started my own MMA website about a year ago and I started doing some video interviews and editing them. At first I wasn't overly excited about video editing but suddenly I felt the urge to make them better than just an interview. I wanted to do more, get viewers excited about some upcoming fights.. Now I have been making a few 5 minute interviews which shows video footage from training and fights as well. In them I try to incorporate the perfect music/score.

    Here are a couple of examples of what I'm doing:

    I know those videos aren't perfect, I need to work on my color grading and the audio in the second one is a bit mixed, I'm learning on the job but I like it

    In those videos I use a bit dramatic scores from films. In the first one I used a score from Gravity and The Last House on The Left and the second video has the overused In a House in a Heartbeat.

    What I was hoping to find are some good recommendations for similar scores/songs? I like them dramatic but I'm open to everything, fx I loved the music in Tron.

    English isn't my first language so be patient
    Thanks for reading.

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    Default offers a bunch of royalty free songs for different genres.

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    It doesn't have to mindless head banger music unless you really insist on it

    the original trailer for the Tim Olyphant Hitman movie featured him blowing everybody's brains out to the tune of "Ave Maria" - it was really quite beautiful (except somebody complained and the track got replaced with the usual jarhead stuff)

    anyway the the point is you could try different genres

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    The poster here provides a range of genres. Indeed, I suspect he might make a useful suggestion. Send him a message.

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    Children's learn animal sounds through this video added some good music with animation.

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