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Thread: New video and finally some great results for ranking in google!!!eres

  1. Default New video and finally some great results for ranking in google!!!eres

    Heres our new advertise video :
    It ranked in googles 1st page in 1 hour! with 2 different keywords wich are important to our customer!!!

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    Sorry, I find it a bit average. Filming with a GoPro can be convenient but limiting at times.

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    Defishing the GoPro can help....

    As with many of these types of films I find that each clip is too long. The clips of the guys building the chimney would be cut in half (or even shorter) and you would still get a good sense of what they were doing without getting bored.

    A great book to read on editing would be "In the blink of an eye" by Walter Murch. In this he suggests that the natural place to cut film (video) is where the eye would naturally blink because the brain is ready to move on to the next scene. It's always interesting watching 'other people' watching your video. Notice where they blink and you'll easily see what shots are too long!

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    Thx man, great tips from you. Respect!
    this one i did in 1 hour this morning

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